Back on the mat!!!

It's been a long 11 weeks.  But, now the geriatic terror is serving notice.   The first month was the longest vacation I've had in 40 years.   But, as I started to feel better, I started to really miss BJJ.

The Cardioligist  (Heart Attack and  5 bypass) says I'm good to go.  He couldn't believe how good the Nuclear Stress Test went.  But, he wants me to put off a shoulder surgery until June; so, I'm back on the mat for the next two months at least.



 Welcome home, fren!

Excellent man, good for you!!!!

Fantastic News. Glad to hear it!

 Thanks guys, I rolled twice last week kind of light and was really rusty.  Last night , it felt much better and I was able to move decently if not great.  The exercise is really helping the soreness work out of my upper body.

I'll do my second aerobic workout with the kettlebells tonight.  

I have developed a little system that seems to be working for now.  This is true old man tricks (which I get accused of anyway).  When I am rolling, Matt runs over every once in a while, like a mother hen; and,  ask me if I'm OK.  When we pause to assure him that I am OK,  I take the opportunity to improve my grip a little.  Matt is not aware of this ; but, it has worked once or twice for quick chokes so far. Yes, this is less than honorable and may tarnish my image somewhat.  But, right now, it's survivor island, baby.  :)


BTW I don't seem to have use of the spell checker on my post now.  Is there a way to turn it on?






ah, i felt a disturbance in the force. that explains it.


MarsMan: I know it was a wimpy thing to take a break after my heart attack. I was rolling with a four stripe white belt and started to gas after only an hour. Turns out I was having an MI and didn't know it. So, after he tapped for the sixth time, I got a ride to the ER and they hauled my ass straight into surgery and did a 5 bypass. I was feeling so sorry for myself that it took me almost three months to start sparing again. OK, so I'm a pussy. We can't all be tough guys.

Edited at last. I don't know if it's the site or my browser. Something is not working.

Sorry for mess in the post above. Also, Edit won't work for me. So I am trying again.

MarsMan: The only reason I mentioned that the guy I was sparring was a four stripe white, is that there is a funny story behind it.

The guy was supposed to take his blue belt test soon. After what happened, our instructor told him that he could not test for blue until he could beat someone who was having a heart attack.

BTW, he did pass the test for blue belt.

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Glad to hear you are back.

When Gaitec does push-ups . . . he stays still and the earth moves when he pushes . . .

all of you guy missed the referee clinic on Sat. Mike you and Hoffer should of came!

Sorry Brad , I was sidelined by a wedding. Hope it went well.

where were John, Mat, Horihan?

MarsMAn: No problem, I took it as normal humor. Hope the reading improves for you though. :)

Brad, John was in the wedding. Matt was teaching classes for John and dealing with a kitchen fire at home. Horihan taught classes Sat. and I'm not sure what else. You'll have to ask him.

Unfortunately, I, John, and Matt will not be able to make the tourney on the 17th of May either. My three grandchildren are all getting baptized that day.

It's just the way our schedule has worked out. I will post your tourney at the school and talk to guys one on one to encourage them to participate. You run a very nice event and we need to make it a success for the good of BJJ in this area.

man i know the FEELING i was out about 5 years and it s damn GOODto be back bro :)


man i know the FEELING i was out about 5 years and it s damn GOODto be back bro :)


That is inspiring. Good on you!

sorry I missed the referee clinic Brad, but I was training with Wilson G. in Chattanooga. (sorry about the hijack Gaitec! . . . ;)