Back on the net

New Apartment and New Job kinda kept me busy so I have not been able to transfer my internet services over to this address until today. But now Im back!

welcome back!

What's up Kyle. I feel you on the net thing, I just had my service tranfered as well. Why didn't you come to the show in Lake Charles. I will be in town for vacation/training camp for the next 2 weeks or so, hope I see you in the gym. I called your Number and it went to some Reality combat information line, hit me up Email with your new number...

Im glad some people are glad to see you back. After what you did to the fans you are no longer my hero.

what up foolio



what was deleted?

what did I do to the fans JC?

If this is about the RC show, I WAS AT A WEDDING!!!:)

No, you refused to sign that kids glossy of you and you spit in that old ladies face. Your ego is way to big after you won the fightclub title. BTW Andrew is down so you should make it down here to train.

I will be there Sunday for sure with Sambo Doug and Polish Pawel. Got a funny story to tell involving me and 6 drunk LSU kids in tigerland a few weeks ago. I got a broken bone in my foot that is pretty much healed up well enough to start training again, so Ill be there.

Welcome back KBeezy, hope your foot heals completely. :-)

Go to see you back Kyle.

We should be at the new place by then.

congrats on the new apartment and new job

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!!

you better go hide again, BIATCH!!!!

yo andrew, you pussy ass honky bitch, you stood me up 3 times, drop the vaseline, come out the closet and fight me BIATCH

Yo Andrew, you pussy ass honky bitch, drop the vaseline, come out the closet and fight me, you stood me up 3 fucking times already, BIATCH!!!!

Bone, you met me in the first round of the King's Tournament!!!You want some more of me?????LOL

Why you gotta call him honkey?