Back pain

I´ve had problems with my back for a few years now. It´s not anything serious but it bothers me. In the morning I usually don´t feel anything but as the day goes by the back pain increases. It´s in the two big muscles that goes from the neck down to the butt on both sides of the spine. The area where it hurts is located from the middle of the back to about 10 - 15 cm up.

Some activities are really a pain in the ass like for axample doing the dishes and clinch-work. Everything where I´m a little bit bent forward and doing something with my hands just kills my back.

I thought maybe it´s my posture. My posture is maybe a little like a hunchback stance but not extreme. I tried to really think about my posture and be really upright and shoulders back but that actually made it worse. Maybe this is not the correct way to change the posture?

Could it be that my back is to weak? Í´ve been traing gymnastics for many years as well as martial arts so I´m not untrained. Could it be that the back is to weak compared to the front?

What do you think the problem is? What do you think I can do to change it?


It sounds very much like a muscular weakness/endurance issue. The positions that cause pain and the fact that it worsens as the day progresses is what makes me think this.

Find some good lumbar region exercises and you will most likely notice a difference within 3-4 weeks.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.


Check out Scott Sonnon's "Be Breathed" tape.  It will help balance your front and back and definitely improve poor posture.  I like his "Warrior Wellness" and "Bodyflow" for increasing ROM and balance, which give me injury prevention and eliminate almost all soreness.

I put a link in the "Arm not straight" thread.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!