Back problem...

Hey Scott,

I've run into a problem.

Some background - many years ago, I threw my back out by working hard without a good
warmup. Since then, I've managed to re-injure it a few times...basically, a huge muscle
spasm that semi-paralyzes me if it gets bad enough.

I've been working on doing 20 rep squats with progressively heavier weight. I've been
chugging along pretty well for a while, but the past two weeks, when I've started to do the
set, after a few reps, my back feels EXTREMELY unstable, and very close to going out again.

It happened once last week, so I took it easy. Gave my back time to rest, came in a few days
later, did my squats, back felt fine.

Went to squat again today, and I barely made it three reps without my back feeling like it
was going.



Please e-mail me.



I'm floating at work...don't have your email on
hand. Can you post it here?
Either that, or email me:


Will do later today or tomorrow.