Back Take from De La Riva Guard (video!)

Take the back from the De La Riva guard!

Hello everyone!

We are excited to share a fantastic back take from the De La Riva guard, which is a continuation of last month's technique of the month video.

If you haven't seen it, please check out the July 2013 Richmond BJJ Academy Technique of the Month video, first:

Drill this back take a lot, and you will be surprising your training partners and opponents in no time!

These De La Riva guard positions are must-haves, for beginners and advanced Jiu-Jitsu players alike!

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Good training to you,
Eric Burdo
1st Degree BJJ Black Belt
BJJ Revolution Team
Richmond BJJ Academy
Richmond, VA

Could just be me,but at the end it appeared as though you were working against a 100 % frozen object.

I for one,would prefer to see some footage of these techniques working against a 100 % resisting opponent.

That is seriously old school.

The video above is the second part to our July 2013 technique of the month video. If you haven't seen that yet, here it is.