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Well, I finally said "enough is enough" and called it quits on the Supreme Grand Master. I went to class last night and the fukker didn't bother to show up and open the school. No call, no e-mail. Fortunately for him my students couldn't make it, but he knows I drive from way out in the boondocks to make it there. Not to mention that when I am there, just before class starts, him and his old lady (being literal here) yell at me from across the room "You got 45 minutes!" So, that was the straw my frengs!

I am at Headhunters 3 days a week now, and I could kick myself for not doing that sooner!

Ok, end of story...please discuss and thread hijack at will.

good riddance

I just found out that there is a TKD school here teaching BJJ.

Who told you about my class at the TKD school? That was a secret.

Thanks Hiza. Speaking of TKD schools teaching BJJ. I mentioned a while back that the other school here, Bailey's TKD, has a BJJ program now. Well, one of my co-workers takes the class and from time to time likes to talk about it with me. See, he is one of those that thinks that if you don't have a school as big as walmart, then you are not a good teacher or something.

So today, I invited him to come out and roll with me on the weekends and I jokingly said "come out if you want to see some real jiu jitsu" to which he got all pissy and went "yeah right".

I couldn't hold my tongue anymore so I pretty much told him how it was. I said "you are getting your money took homey" I told him that anybody that will teach a program after being given a weekend "cert" is taking your money. I also mentioned that the 'instructor' got tapped by some newbs over at Headhunters. That didn't settle well with him.

See, he believes that the instructor over there is telling the truth when he says that he made it to BROWN BELT in BJJ but quit, then came to train with a PURPLE BELT, then quit, now he is back to being a WHITE BELT all over again???

Oh, I tried to explain. I really did. Finally I had to tell my co-worker "this guy is a liar, there is no way he made it to Brown under any legit BJJ coach, then quit, only to start over as a white belt"

Well, poor soul just won't believe me. TKD really has got folks brainwashed!

So. You really think my weekend certificate does not count? That's jacked man. You are trying to dig into my pockets by running off students. I paid an extra $39.99 for that cert and I had to order the belt because they were out.

gimme my money back GG, FullBlast has exposed you.

it's a USTA school here in B'ham. That's ok, I guess, since another school has a black belt in the "Ultimate Martial Arts System" of BJJ (the 4 Toes JJ Team). Some of their guys did well at Samuel's first tournament, beating some of Samuel's guys. At least they clarify he didn't get his "black belt" from any respected lineage. They also train bare knuckle karate- a very large step above tkd.

I should have reworded "respected lineage". My bad. I have NO problem with anyone teaching or learning grappling, gi or nogi, as long as they don't represent themselves as something they are not.

word Hiza.

GG that came straight from Chris Davis, bro. He gave me the inside info and, although I didn't mean it to come out that way, you know, sorry bout that. Now, do I get one of those certificates?

Hiza, is it a USTA school? I hear they switched it to ITA which is Bailey's TKD schools. I know, big difference right. I was driving through to Atlanta a couple weeks ago and I stopped at the BIG MALL in Oxford to wait out the rain storm. After I ate I walked around and there it was...a TKD place that had a sign out front that said "Gracie Jiu Jitsu" on it. Turns out they are a Baileys ITA group too.

TKD...gradually killing BJJ in a town near you!

BTW...I used to just despise I actually hate it. Continue

 i paid for my Black Belt over the  net b*tches, and that is 2 legit, 2 legit 2 quit

TKD is a part of my culture

 and an Olympic Sport  RESPECT



respect the YAMMA. The mod has spoken.

 or be taken to the YAMMA

full blast, what are you talking about? Did my trolling skillz get you for a sec?

A Craig Collers school, I think.

 24th it is Lawyer!!!

The ITA(used to be USTA) is a Organization with about 300 schools across the US, Craig Kollars(b'ham) is a Founder and bailey (t'town) is one of his students. Tha oxford school is Ron Allman(also a Kollars student) they are teaching a "system" created by Larry Shealy (GB Black Belt) and Charles Dos Anjos (Royce Gracie Black Belt) they went through a 3 day Course around 10 hours per day i was told. and they are only teaching VERY basic Techniques. From what i was told it was only to be taught to their current students, granted some people do things their own way, but from the one's I know they are very serious about learning and training the right way.

 I'm a TKD guy and I've beaten people from Samuels, its no big deal, now leave me alone as I practice blue steel and my YAMMA Kata