Back to my Roots!

Hi everybody,

Hope all is well.

UFC/WEC/MMA has been very good to me recently. That being said I still love Muay Thai/K-1/Kickboxing. I want to get a show going again. I am starting very small with a Amateur B-Class, C-Class & Novice Show.

May 1 Milwaukee-Same day weigh ins

Anyone near the Milwaukee & Chicago area that would like to get a Muay Thai Match hit me up.

1414 403 3853

 good news!  there aren't enough good muay thai/kickboxing shows these days imho. mma has swallowed up the small promotions, but you've got the fame for great draw Duke!  best of luck!

good to hear, and good luck...

Thanks guys! Starting small & gonna work my way back, like a fighter on comeback to the championship...

Duke, I just started training and will be going to school about 10 miles away from your Milwaukee gym in 6 months. Any way I could get a different payment plan instead of the 12 month deal?

congrats and good luck :)