Back to no gloves??

Thoughts on eliminating the gloves in UFC?

Would stop a lot of the GnP, would be more like a street fight, would favor the grapplers (which may be bad for revenues), and would probably have not had the stoppage in Vitor / Randy.

Only one reason for gloves; to allow more striking. Thoughts??

For revenues? Maybe that is rationale enough, but it goes against the arguement that MMA is safer than boxing. Claim is that there are more serious head injuries in boxing due to repeated blows to the head "cushioned" by gloves. We're just compromising by using the 4 oz gloves.

I'm not convinced it was the glove that caused the cut.

Overall, you would have more cut stoppages or broken hands, so it wouldn't be worth it.



Nothing to do with the gloves. Just an accident. Vitor missed the punch and Couture's eye was already injured knucklehead. If you wanted to do anything, you should have barred Couture and Vitor from fighting. Both of their eyes were lit before the fight.

You guys kill me with BS sometimes. Nothing to do with the gloves, just an unfortuante accident. Get over it.

"Vitor missed the punch and Couture's eye was already injured knucklehead."

The previous injury has nothing to do with this.

I haven't seen the UFC gloves up close, someone said there's sharp edges, maybe they can fix that.

"Nothing to do with the gloves."

I disagree. I watched it very closly a few times and have gloves like the UFC uses. I'm pretty sure it was the leading edge of the little finger "sleeve" that caught Randy's eye. Very unfortunate.

gloves are good for the sport...

Keep the gloves!

i have a pair of those gloves as well,and they are not the best gloves for our sport,the shooto gloves,would be a wiser choice-i.m.o.

when i'm hitting the bag,i still use my old Norris gloves,better hand protection,then the quano's

I would say no gloves, but it would hurt the sport.