Back when Tito held out....

and the people in the know can come on here and back me up.....

Couture and Tito had agreed to stand strong BACK THEN on them getting their money. Couture was supposed to join Tito BACK THEN to try to pry more money from Zuffa.

Couture did not stand strong and Tito was vilified.

Tito can come on here and back me up on this and so can a lot of other people.

the bottome line on that was that Tito faked an injury to avoid Chuck, and then admitted that he faked it

that sort of ruins the moral high ground. not that there's a hell of alot of moral high ground in holding out for more money just because you think you deserve some more

TTT agreed... Tito will be either hated or loved. Dana is going to screw up all the fighters that were inherited by prides downfall and fuck this up 100% sure.

Tito wanted more money, but was running from Chuck for years. Randy's running too, not from something, but at something.


How can you not believe that Barry and Artamis have all the background info!? They have been around since aught-seven people!

Just because, among my life accomplishments, I have yet to rack up over 5,000 posts on this mighty forum means virtually nothing.

As I've stated many people in the know can confirm what I've posted.

Fuck the Tito haters, there would be no UFC if there were no Tito.

artamis really had me thinking he was that douche from youtube for a while

Tito was villified because he was running from Chuck. The money was just another excuse not to fight him.

^^ pretty sure that's really the same guy who posts here as on youtube



When he won the title from Smith, the UFC had not much $room to play with. They wanted to sign Rutten for a large contract, and they offered Randy HALF of his previous contract to stay as champ. I would have left too.