Backpacking central america

U know if theres a cheaper option to explore cocos island? also do the dive trips even set foot on the island. would rather have something cheaper where i actually go on the island with a guide then head back to the mainland like a day trip. know u cant stay on the island.

to people who have spent some time in central am, what do you think would be the best expedition?

1)crossing the darien gap

2)diving/exploring cocos island

3)or galapagos islands dive/exploration?

each of those trips costs around 5000 and take 2 weeks time but I could only pick one of them. may play it by ear and whichever one is avail when im there ill do.

1 is the only one with the danger you’re looking for Doug

Haha found a company with special forces dudes (former sas dudes) that take u thru the darien. seems like the best option for that kind of thing. don’t go very often tho, like once or twice a year so right now I’m leaning towards cocos or galapagos. cheers.

i also think the darien would b the most miserable of the lot. for the others, ill be sleeping in a nice yacht and eating and drinking like a king lol. darien will be roughin it and eating freeze dried foods most likely, sweating like a pig and getting eaten alive. would make for the best story tho.

Think of all the machete attacks you’ll miss out on though

haha well see. could afford all 3 really. just put it on my credit card and worry about it later. there are cheaper options galapagos too with no diving and just land tours which would still b pretty cool for a couple grand vs 5 grand. was planning on doing machu pichu too tho and an ayahuascsa tour if peru is open by then. its still pretty tight right now there. gotta quarantine for 2 weeks.