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BillyRayChubbs - Redbook is safer than Backpage, because you can search reviews on girls...
Research reviewers to be even safer... Phone Post 3.0

Redbook is good for the bay area in ca, but lacks everywhere else. I'd hit city vibe and use the erotic review for the reviews. Some hidden bargains to be had on back page though. Phone Post

A friend told me about them. ;-) Phone Post 3.0

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around here, strippers make 300-600 a night and the girls that cant stay off the pipe/needle for a six hour shift suck dicks on backpage for 100 an hour. Its like the inevitable cycle of addiction.

600 a night..

Or...2 - 300 an hour being a hooker.

100 an hour is a sketchy hooker lol.

(up here anyway)

The economy here isn't what it used to be. I'm looking at some BP grls advertising for 50 buck specials. 


Five years ago top shelf strippers were clearing a grand a night, and I used to run escorts back in the pre-www days who were working off phone book ads and pagers making almost that... 


It's not about how much you make, but what you are willing to do to get your money. there are still some strippers working clean... if you are hooking off backpage you SHOULD make more, you're fucking strangers in a hotel for fuckssake...

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GoodFightGoodNight - Jesus lol Phone Post 3.0

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