Backroom bonus you would give RUA and Hendo?

If you were Dana and were going to give Shogun and Hendo a bonus for that possible greatest fight ever. Do you think a $1 million bucks would be fair? I do...

Not enough IMO, that was the best fight I have ever watched Phone Post

backroom bonus?


 Such an epic fight

 for sure, I def at least give shogun his win money


if i was dana, id pay them more period, but then again im not dana so its easy for me to say that

All of it. Every last cent. They deserve it. Phone Post

 1 Million Dollards and Jobs for life is completely reasonable.

Seriously not many fights between legends live up to the hype. This one exceeded it by so much.

 it would be sick to see DFW give them each a 1 Mil bonus at the presser

Lots of zeros on those checks! Phone Post

They both made over a million easy. Phone Post

Man, Dana could let those guys tag-team his wife and it wouldn't be enough.

 $250K - $500K would seem deserving IMO!

A million sounds a bit steep but a quarter or half a mill sounds like just the right amount of respect paid for those 2 tought fuckers.

SuMBJJ - Man, Dana could let those guys tag-team his wife and it wouldn't be enough.

Shogun his win money + biggest bonus ever to both of them.

Boston Tar Baby - Arianny, chandella and brittney.

When done offer them 5 g's to leave through the back door

Harlem -  that should have been the fox fight. lol

When the fight ended I said the exact same thing Phone Post

 only one bonus is suitable