Backstage Details on The Hardys' Contracts w/ ROH

In an update on the immediate futures of Matt and Jeff Hardy, it appears as though they'll be sticking with the Ring of Honor promotion for some time. It's being reported that ROH has given them a deal which is unlike anything that ROH has ever offered anyone before and both Matt and Jeff were extremely happy to sign with ROH.



The deal will keep the Hardys with ROH for the foreseeable future, while allowing them to have the same creative freedom that they recently enjoyed in Impact Wrestling. They will also be able to take independent bookings as they please. The money that ROH offered them was apparently extremely good as well, which was another major factor in them signing with ROH.



No word yet on exactly how long their contracts will last.

As noted Saturday night, the Broken Hardys won the Ring of Honor tag team titles and it was announced that the duo signed a deal with the promotion. 

In regards to the Hardys returning to WWE, it doesn’t appear that it will happen anytime soon. According to Dave Meltzer of, the Hardys’ deal is not short-term. Another sign that the Hardys won’t be returning to WWE is that they are once again taking indy dates. 

The Hardys are reportedly “very happy” about their deal with Ring of Honor. The decision to go with ROH was based on having creative control. In addition to that, there are no restrictions on working indy dates and the Hardys don’t have to pay any booking fees to ROH.

Figured, doubt they ever considered WWE, Matt knows the characters die under Vince's heel.

Plus it's a much easier schedule for them and they can still take other bookings in the US, but I'd assume ROH has first dibs on dates.