Backup Solutions?

We are currently using Veritas Backup Exec v. 10d and we are using LTO2 tapes as the media. We are looking at moving to a disk-to-disk solution. Anyone have a good backup solution they'd care to share?


Veritas 10d + Tandberg Autoloader

= Backup goodness.

Veritas Netbackup allows tape to tape with no extra license fees. Just need server, license. Actually, it can be even cheaper than a tape library. With disk-to-disk, you have to pay for the extra server and drives. But with disk-to-tape you have to pay for the library (even more expensive) as well as tape library licenses and drive licenses.

What is idealstore?

why 10d when there is 11d now?

Is 11d worth the move?

just curious as to why you want to go from disk to tape to disk to disk? how much data do you need backed up per night?

going disk to tape has an advantage of taking it off site.

if your data is small enough you can try online backups.

buy a CDP from SonicWall. These suckers are the shit. Say goodbye to tapes!

" just curious as to why you want to go from disk to tape to disk to disk?"

These days, you almost have to go disk-to-disk first, even if you are going disk-to-tape. Industry standard LTO3 can read at 50 MB/s, a speed you are unlikely to get over the network. If you try network backups, you will get "shoe shining", which is the tape rewinding over and over again. This is a sure way to destroy your tapes, your drives, and your peace of mind when it comes to restore reliability.

Disk to disk as you can go from the disk backup to tape during production hours.

Really depends on your budget. I've implemented solutions from expensive VTL's (Sepeton and Falconstor - sp?) as well as a cheap staging solution with jbod disk arrays that run about 2k for 3TB.

There are tons of "cool" things you can do if you have the budget for it.

that sonicwall CDP looks interesting.

so basically it takes all the network data and replicates it to an offsite storage?

so with companies that have large graphics house files they would need to replicate this large file (sometimes 1G) over the internet?

so by getting this CDP a company with large files that needs to be backed up needs a faster internet then right? a simple single T1 probably won't cut it.

Equallogic iSCSI SAN. 5 TB = $60,000 CDN (give or take)
15 drives, internally fully redundant.
Each unit is a single virtual storage pool. If you cluster it with a second unit (which can be done in less than 10min) the capacity of the second unit is added to the pool.
You can slice and dice your storage pool any way you like and schedule it to take snapshots of any or all of the partitions on whatever schedule you like.

The best part is that having it sync with a remote unit is a capability that it comes with out of the box (obviously you need two for that). Set up a VPN to an offsite location and set them to sync. DR = done!
iSCSI protocol deals with block level changes and can send deltas of over the internet with no bandwidth issues.
Snapshots are all mountable for instant rollbacks and restores.

Imagine being able to restore data via SSH on your blackberry. You could set that up pretty easily with one of these.

I've done some work with Equallogic and NetApp SAN's, and to be honest for the money, I like Equallogic better. No doubt that NetApp is better, but the price is real prohibitive and a lot of out of the box feautures that EL's have are additional add-ons ($$$) for the NetApp.

you can always go w/ Legato; i use them to tape and disk to disk;
works well w/ a san network as well.

I back up about 4 terabytes a week;