Bad ass Bruce Lee shirt


do want 

X_Rated -  Yo Tony Bravo. Death Knuckle episode 1 was fucking hilarious shit. Thanks for taking the time to help put that together with Mr. Garcia. Phone Post

 Thank you very much for the support! I had a blast doing it :)


shirt is sick and loops dope on you no homo.

shirts are a bit steep at 50 bucks a piece though and the guy modeling the shirt looks like a tool.


 Has anyone thought of doing a shirt with Bruce Lee and Anderson Silva yet? I know seems very cliche, but it would still be pretty bad ass...

Where can i get that marcelo garcia shirt?

Very nice!! Phone Post


Sweet shirt! Phone Post

Sweet shirt and awesome clothing line concept

nice shirt Eddie

Dope! Phone Post

Concept good, I do think you should pull all the graphics like an inch or so more down from the collar though... Phone Post

Too many bucks.

have you received a "cease and desist" letter from the ESPN NFL Countdown show lawyers for that "come on, man"???

Team GDP - 

Is it just me or does this dude look like Chris lytle in the face? Phone Post