Bad Beat in AC Tournament

so Im in this $100 tournament at the Trop (nice poker room btw), playing about 4 hours, got 25,000 in chips

blinds are 2000/4000 100

im on the button, everyone folds, I raise to 8000 with kt

BB has about 100,000....and he calls me

flop is k t 5 rainbow

he checks....and I check hoping to slow play and double up if he pairs the turn

turn is A

he checks, I go all in, hoping maybe he hit the ace and calls me

he does....hes got A7

river comes...........5

hes got AA and 55

And Im out with my KT

oh well I then went in a one table sit n go and managed to win it......on the final hand, it was me and this obnoxious guy to my left....he was so agitated and was in a hurry to get to another tournament he was entered.....I had more chips and didnt want to cut the pot the way he was he goes all in......then before I can decide he keeps trying to get me to cut the pot 50/50 ( I have probably 50% more chips than him)......Im holding A7....and finally figure he didnt have much and I call his all in, he shows A2 and I win it ($500).

congrats on your win, but that first one really isn't that bad a beat, shoulda shoved the flop IMO, that board was too easy to hit a straight

I agree 100% with Spuds...your hand got counterfeited, but not really a traditional bad beat. You should have bet the flop all in and most likely he has no choice but to much ace, seven.


plus u shouldnt min raise, who do u think ur going to push out?
u raise to 8k and u got 25k, leaving u with 17k and there being now 18900 or so in the pot. u got no real decisions after the flop if u dont hit anything



latest story

played a $100 tourn ay Bally's.....60 people entered

made it to the final table, then final 5, top 6 cash

Im on the button sitting with about 60K in 3rd place, blinds are 10k/20k

everyone folds to me, im sitting with A8, small blind has about 20k left and folds....BB has 10K left after his blind

I put him all in

he calls with 7 9 suited vs my A8

he gets a 9 on the river and Im down to about 30K

a few hands later Im in the small blind with KK

guy goes all in in front of me, I go all in, then BB follows going all in as well

guy in front of me has A9 off, BB has JQ off

J comes on the flop, Q on the river

Im done in 5th place, made $600

went to blackjack tables with my profit.....starting $25/hand.....I increase with each winning hand, dropping down to $25 when I lose.....anyway I got a hot $100, get 44 vs dealer 5

I split the 4s, get a 7, double down, and get a 10, for 21
second 4, get another 7, double down, and get a 10, for another 21

and make $400 on one hand, $800 in the session, for a nice profit of $1300 on the night, and head home.

very nice, esp that last hand in BJ, good job brotha

played two 100+20 tourneys this weekend

ended up chopping 1st and 2nd place money in one, $2200 each

with 5 players left, 3rd 4th and 5th chopped, and top 2 chopped

70 players entered

Im kicking ass

taj had a nice 300+40 tournament starting while i was playing......$19,000 first prize