Bad Boy Routine Gone Wrong

It's a sad thing to watch when a fighter tries to play up the bad boy, loud mouth bad-ass routine and just doesn't have the personality to pull it off.

Certain guys have it pretty naturally. Tank Abott for example pulls it off well. Guys like Bobby Hoffman and even Tito Ortiz do a pretty good job pulling it off.

It's just pathetic to watch when guys like Sam Hoger or Frank Trigg try to do it. What they don't understand is that you first have to be likable or have a natural charisma to pull of the bad guy act.

When a guy like Hoger tries to do it, he comes across as that annoying kid that lived next door to you that everyone beat up and now he learned how to fight and he's so excited about it that he gets to talk shit.

Similarly when Trigg says that "You Know" thing after a fight it comes across as only irritating - not tough, cool or even tough in a WWE kind of way.

This is basically a reminder to upcoming fighters that are thinking about being the loud, bad-boy type. If you are not naturally cool, you are just going to come across as whiny, annoying, immature and weak.

Hoger is pathetic.

I never thought Hoger was serious while being all tough in interview. It always looked like he was joking around while doing it, making fun of people who act big and bad. But if he really is actually trying to be bad ass, then he is a pathetic dumbass.

Trigg is really a pussy. He should just keep his mouth shut. He sucks. For god's sake, look at the people he has lost to. He should just quit fighting.

Bobby Hoffman is not cool

"Bobby Hoffman is not cool"

What I meant was - Bobby Hoffman is more believable as a legitimate tough guy. He doesn't look like a frat boy like some other guys trying to be tough.

"Bobby Hoffman is more believable as a legitimate tough guy."

True - watch him in the before/after of the Hoffman vs. Catalfo matchup in KOTC 11.

That was a great fight - Catalfo/Hoffman...and Bobby was definitely a psycho tough guy before and after.