Bad Brad Burrick in local news

Todays edition of the Macomb Daily (local county paper) did a story on forum menber Brad Burrick.

Brad Burrick keeps fighting San Da, keeps climbing up the amateur ranks of his sport.

He's paid his dues in and out of the ring, paying his own way to compete in tournaments on the East Coast, driving 10 hours for a chance at a championship.

He's passed on hanging out with friends and cut down on his social activities as he begins a strict workout schedule for an upcoming bout.

He sets up his own training regimen, working out in his drive to move into the professional ranks of the United States Kickboxing Association.

And though he used to dry-heave before a match, he no longer is afraid of getting hurt.

San Da -- a form of Chinese self-defense and a martial art -- is his passion.

"I love it, obviously," said Burrick, a 27-year-old Sterling Heights resident who is unafraid of the consequences of pursuing his dream.

"You've got to be very dedicated," said Steve Colegio, Burrick's sparring partner. "You really never have any promises at the end. You're just doing it because you want to do it."

"As far as sacrifices, there are a lot," Burrick said. "I do give up a lot of money, but that's no big deal. The hard part is time because you have to be so committed."

The hard work is yielding results.

Last month at New York, the 185-pound Burrick won the USKBA Amateur San Da Cruiserweight United States Championship with a unanimous decision over Feliz Mejia.

"Pretty exciting fight," his friend and cornerman, Louia Mishack, said. "His opponent was pretty skilled. It went back and forth. The first round was close, but it was pretty well dominated by Brad after that."

"I was more conditioned than him," Burrick said. "When I got later into rounds, I was able to push myself more."

His road to the championship started long ago.

Burrick began taking martial arts when he was 9 years old, and his training intensified when he enlisted in the Army Rangers after graduating from Sterling Heights High School.

"I kind of got consumed by it," Burrick said.

After trying Ultimate Fighting-type competitions for three years, Burrick pushed into San Da in 2001.

As a sport, San Da differs from American-style kickboxing in that leg kicks, sweeps and throws are allowed.

In fact, San Da is more similar to Ultimate Fighting except that clinching is limited to a few seconds and fights do not continue on the ground. Fighters must get back to their feet to continue a match.

For Burrick, the sport clicked. "I liked it so much I started doing it and never stopped," he said.

Like all fighting sports, there is danger.

"There's always fear," Burrick said. "When I first started, I was dry-heaving."

He's past that now.

"I've done it so long and I'm so experienced and trained to a certain degree that I'm not worried about it anymore," Burrick said. "(But) the performance anxiety is always there. You don't want to make a fool of yourself."

With few people involved in the sport in the Midwest, Burrick must go to the East Coast for matches. (Burrick said San Da also is popular on the West Coast).

Wherever he's gone, he's excelled, winning a world tournament last year in New Jersey.

"He's going to beat you, period," Colegio said.

Though he must travel long distances, he gets plenty of support from family and friends.

His older brothers gave him the nickname "Bad Brad." He spars with Steve Colegio of Warren. Mishack, a friend from high school, was there in New York last month. So was Burrick's father, Gary. And Brad's twin sister Bridgett was there, too. "She's the one ringside yelling at me to do better," he said.

Others share his passion. In turn, he shares his passion with others, teaching students through his company, Ronin Services LLC, at Xtreme Fitness in Sterling Heights.

"If I retire from fighting," Burrick said, "I want to promote."

But Burrick's not ready to retire. He wants to turn professional for his next fight in September or October, though that largely depends on the promotional companies on the East Coast.

His sparring partner said he has the talent to succeed.

"He's got all the kicks," Colegio said, "his boxing skills have really improved, and he's got the throws."

Thanks buddy!

Congrats! Good MMA-type press is hard to come by far too often. Good work Brad.

I really didn't have anything to do with it. One of my training partners called them and they called me. I figured it would be a littled thing put into the middle or back somewhere. However, they had a thing on a front page and the article started on the front page of the sports section. So, it was really cool to me but nice to see them show respect to a combat sport instead just the major ones.

Excellent! A great article to promote the sport!

damn!!!! congrats again Brad, you desrve it bro.



(who is Brad Burrick anyway? LOL!!!!)

Get ready for Oct 22nd at Mohegan Sun!!!!!!!!

Will do!


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I don't think there is anything wrong with being proud of something you work so hard for.

I'm fuckin' with you. Please don't hit me.

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Brad took a bullet for me in Nam

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