Bad Brad Burrick = San Shou Gold

For the third consecutive year Bad Brad Burrick has snared the gold in the 187 lb. division of the San Shou competition at the Arnold Classic yesterday!


San shou is very cool to watch with lots of big throws, kicks and punches sans the gi and with gloves.

Oh and I drank plenty of beer last night to celebrate!

Brad fought a good fight. He doninated the guy in the clinch. Got some great throws while countering his opponents attempts to throw him.

He landed a hard straight side kick right into his opponents gut in the first round. The guy took a standing eight and continued. But it was obvious he never regained his wind after that. And it gave Brad the psychological advantage for the rest of the fight.

Brad throws were fucking HUGE! His opponent would try to get his hip in place to toss Brad, and he counterd with some beautiful belly to back suplexes. I swear it looked like the fuckin WWF!

BTW, this is the third year in a row that Brad has taken first at the arnolds.

Great job buddy!

Thanks for helping me warm up and conering, Yuki!

Nice job on your win you've really improved over the last three're opponet Allan's record was 50-4 he's an 3 time national champion 3-Time toughman champion.He's probably my best fighter.two of his loses are to James Fanisher and K.J Noons both great fighters.He told me he just could'nt get fired up,and some people complained about the weight difference.But you know me talks and complaints are like a-holes a win is a win!personally I think the sidekick put him away for the rest of the fight.anyways congrats I talked with Cung after the fight about some stuff coming up.I feel youve put youre dues in and it's time for you to move up to some bigger fights if you want.If you're interested let me Know.
Nice Job!
Scott Sheeley

way to go Mr. 'Bad'-ass Burrick

Yeah man Brad's kicks to the body are wicked and I have seen him send some tuff dudes down and out with them.


Yes, I'd be interested in up coming fights. The only thing I have planned right now is the Sanda event in September that David Ross is putting on. I took down your information. My email is if you ever need to get in contact with me.

Scott do you know of anyone that taped my fight? I'd like to get a copy of the tape if possible. I seen people taping it but wasn't sure if it was the BOC people.

And thanks for running the San Shou!

I just wanted to say congratulations to Brad for his great match. Also, Thanks a whole lot for cornering me I appreciate it alot. I couldnt have finished the last match without the support of my coach and Brad. Brad Definatley has the skills to move up to the big leagues.

It was also cool meeting a fighter like Brad who has just as much trouble finding people to train with or places to train at all. I mean when i have to drive 2 hours (one way) once a week to Niagara Falls to my boxing gym, to be the only kickboxer who can't even spar kickboxing.

This was my first San Shou or even Kickboxing match and I'm pretty happy even though i only got 2nd. I am actually glad because i gained alot of experience from the matches and great words of advice from Brad and Cung Le. Now that I know where my cardio has to be for the sport you'd better watch for me at my next fight coming up. Brad Definately gave me someone to look up to since he's in the same boat as me training wise and he still manages to do awesome.

Once again thanks to Brad and Cung Le for there words of advice and good luck Brad on your next fight.

Weapon you did great. Just keep training and fight! Was it is alot more physically demanding then what you thought? The first time I fought, I was physically dying. I had no idea what I was getting in to.


Wish I could have been there to see it! Hopefully I'll be present at one of your upcoming matches this year....

Brooks (Khun Kao)

Yes this was definately the most physically demanding sport i have done so far. I still have to learn about these rules and stop thinking about knocking the guy out when i should be trying to outscore him. Plus with 14oz gloves on it makes it tougher. Im used to 10oz for boxing and 4oz for MMA. I look forward to doing alot more San Shou. Thanks again

Thats excellent! Keep kickin' ass Brad!!!

Some pics from Brads fight

Going to the ring

Above: In the corner before the fight.

Below: Between rounds

BTW, that's Cung Le reffin' the fight!

Above: Scott Sheely shaking my gloved hand with Brads spit on it!

Scott, just teasing bro! ;-)

nice. that place is insanely packed.

Once again, the coaches from the community (Cung, Scott and yours truly) worked our collective rear ends offOnce again, those who showed up and fought showed the best the sport has to offer, guys like Brad and Duncan Duffin and all...Once again, we were royally screwed by the tournament itself, it's "organizers" total disregard and the circul BSRead my comments at

Bull_in_chinashop: though pictures are only about half of the hall too!

lkfmdc: Good article! However, I also had two beers during the demostration. lol Thanks for your time in helping run the event! The traditionalist might not appreciate you guys but me and the other competitors do.

Scott, I heard it was a nice show, wish I could have been there bring my thai skills to the "san shou" tourney. Hope you saw the KO from Vuts show. Always ready for a fight...let me know!