Bad Brad Burrick = San Shou Gold

lkfmdc, excellent article!

weapon, what did Cung Le have to say to you?

Nice job! I loved watching your fights.

good to hear from you I heard you were out in Caly kickin ass.Good luck!I may be out in san jose for the strike force show the 12th still negotiating$$$$$.
Also good, to the point article Dave. you say what alot of us cannot.Yuki nice picture's I didn't relize what a pimp I was on film.

Well Scott, I got a big mouth and I'm not afraid to use it! LOL :)

I feel we've been walked all over for so long, we need to finally say "enough already"...

LEt's set up Richie Council and Max Chen for Sept!

PS: you iz da pimp, heck, Briana is in love with you!

Richie and Max is a go but I think the lowest Richie can get is 165lbs.I think each year the Arnold gets a little better but my patience is running thin.Anyways I'm taking off to san jose for the fights (Chris Overbey vs. james fanisher) so I'll be back on the board next week.I also want to think all the fighters and Coaches for this weekend even though we get put on the back burner you see were the crowd is! every year more and more people cant believe what they see.
There's still a few competators that make negative comments but the reality is if we(sanshou) want there Gold medals will take them and there aint shit they can do!(just the idoits running their mouth of course)

where is Chris Overbey from?

Bad Brad...
who do you work with for your takedowns?

I used to work with the Metro Fight Club alot but lately it has been just me and my sparring partner Steve Colegio.