Bad Breed Submission Results

BBSF was a successful event with lots of fast-paced submission grappling. The Bad Breed Submission Fighting rules promoted action packed fights and the fighters brought it! The venue was difficult to find and even those from the area had a difficult time findng the school, but once they got there everyone really seemed to enjoy the format.



ttt for a well run exciting tournament

jeff serafin is the shiznit

The Bed Breed format was great!

Due to its judging and time constraints on the matches, it promotes action (even among the big guys!) unlike any other rules I have ever competed under!!!

TTT for Bad Breed and their next event!

Dustin Ware

TTT for EVERYONE that made it possible!!! All the great teams and tough competitors that came to fight! We're very pleased that everyone enjoyed the format.

We especially want to thank Jorge Gurgel, Rich Franlin, Dustin Ware and all the Gurgel crew for their friendship and hospitality while we stayed in the Ohio area - GREAT PEOPLE!

Tomorrow we're heading to Mississippi for Freestyle Fighting Championships. Thanks. Keep Fighting. 

My only complaint it that you changed it from double elimination to single elimination,because of the attendance,which I think is stupid.The double elimination format and the rules are the reason I came to the tournement,but I could have just went to the one in Pittsburgh on the same day cause it was closer.

Sorry I missed it... double whammy, with bad back and a sinus infection.

I didn't see listings for masters/executive divisions, did these take place?

Looking forward to seeing the videos.

The vids are going online starting in a few moments. I was under the impression it was single elimination, I apoligize for the mix-up.


When will the Team Jorge Gurgel clip be added? I want to put that on my computer when I start it up:)



Here Ya go:

The Winner Images:



More videos and pictures online. We are considering another event real soon.