BAD BREED Vol 6: Cover & Date

BAD BREED DVD Volume #6:
To be released February 1st.

Larger High Res: Reality Combat Caged MayhemNathan Sanchez def. Harry MoscowitzJosh Rafferty vs. Bone SayavansaPatrick Lachney vs. Jason JohnsonEric Loveless vs. Kenneth CoffeyKenny Steven vs. Royce Foxworth John Brown vs. Mike "Slim" Breazeale John Cole vs. Dennis ChichesterRoy Johnson vs. Eric MeyersDonald Page vs. Ronnie BroussardRich Clementi vs. Pete SprattRich Clementi vs. Jon WeidlerRich Clementi vs. Danny Payne Dave Benefield vs. Ricky Folse Techniques, Vision Strip Club feature, Alligator hunting with Big Poppa Schnake, Rich Clementi, John Cole and other RC fighters, Bourbon Street on Halloween night with Rich Clemente and Bad Breed TV and lots of other great stuff. I don't have the whole release with me at this moment (at Kinko's and back on the road). I'll have it here soon.

ttt for Bad Breed.

Real gator hunting??? :-O

The subscriptions have been canceled, p_doberman.

Looks like we will have to find this one in stores, correct?

I like the DVD cover. Can't wait to see it.

Very cool John!---Robert :)

i saw all 4 of those "added" fights live. unfortunately i didn't see the actual reality combat show that is featured though. i'll have to pick up that dvd.

Nice cover design!

John it looks great

TTT for BADBREED and the awsome work they do!!!!

Those F'ers went gator hunting and didn't call me!?

They probably used guns anyway.

We went down pearl river at 1 AM, creepy to say the least. Believe it or not, those Bayou boys actually jump in the water on top of them and take them home.

We saw many, caught zero. We were too loud (read: Big Poppa). It's really very funny. The event is Caged Mayhem.

We hosted everyting with Rich Clementi on Bourbon Street Halloween night, which was also off-the-hook. Good Fights and Good Fun. Rich and his crew are some of the coolest dudes we've met!

BTW, Rich is at ZST right now for the finals of the tourney - wish him luck.

ttt for my boy john pack

Josh, got you kicking it on the cover, so-to-speak bro'


Also added to the DVD: Rich Clementi vs. Warren Donelly, footage of Rich's team on a 1600 mile road trip to ICE 6. Plus, IFC promtional video and some other super secret stuff...

TTT- what up, Raf?


badbreed is the shit. Where else can you check out you own fight clips. Even if they dont make it to dvd atleast john puts them on his site.

Keep up the good work

-adam brune-

and just for fun we through on the fight with Britney Spears ex fighting at Rich's smaller show: Whoopass Wednesday and it's completely uncut; it's funny.