Bad character gone WORST!!

here are some of vinnie mac bad character idea.

the repo man.
the modern day pirate guy. can't remember his name.
the beserker.

the latest..dancing, momma calling, the CAT.

who are some of not so memorible character you can think of?



gobbldey gooker (sp)

Bastion Booger. 'Nuff said.


The Goon

Dave The Dumpster.

Anything Alex Wright did. Esp, his dancing


Man Mountain Rock

LOL the early 90's weren't too good for Vince.

Razor Ramon was awesome!!

LOL!! That's pretty bad.

Guy in a singlet called the "pug". in WWF.

It was Duke the Dumpster Drose TRAINWRECK and the all time worst was the giant gonzales.

My bad. *puts on suit with fake muscles*

You guys are nuts. It has to be the Red Rooster. Complete ruin for a very promising Terry Taylor career.

where is alex wright now a days?

LOL!! Yeah, what happened to Alex Wright?? lol

isaac yankem dds.. aka kane

T. L. Hopper

shit nothing beats the giant with fake muscle suit...giant gonzales..

i don't think terry taylor career ever recover after that red rooster gimmick.


i will vote red rooster, lol.