Bad decision!

I don’t post much. I’m more of an observer but this was a bad decision. I get Forrest was the aggressor but Rampage wanted that because he was counter punching. That’s how he knocked him down in the 1st. To beat the champ you have to BEAT the champ. Forrest wasn’t near as affective as Rampage. He wasn’t even landing when he laid on him the whole 2nd round. It looked pretty that he was throwing punches but he wasn’t landing and Rampage was by countering. It should have been a draw or Rampage winning. Look back at Forrest’s fight with Tito and it was pretty much the same thing and Forrest LOST. He threw more but Tito was landing. I respect Forrest but he shouldn’t have won that fight and Rampage shouldn’t have thought he could cruse to a win when the judges consistently suck at every UFC and boxing event.

Round 3 & Round 5 were close in my book. One fighter started the round strong and another fighter ended it strong.

Some of the judges look who FINISHED THE ROUND strong.
Some of the judges judges look at who DID THE MOST IN THE ROUND.

Even Rampage admitted that he lost

your name says it all

I don't see how you win a championship fight by just being the aggressor. Rampage fought as the counter puncher and it was working because he was landing. I wouldn't be mad if the fight went the way it did and Forrest was landing punches but he wasn't landing really anything.