bad feeling about randy-vitor

As a Randy fan i really have a bad feeling for this fight.

Since every report i read about vitor is that hes really possessed(sp?) and training hard and about randy i hear he was in europe on a seminar tour in december and is giving seminars in california and las vegas just 2 weeks before the fight.

Randy always proves people wrong when he goes in as the underdog but hes not the underdog this time and is it possible this could be another one of those fights when hes expected to win big (Enson,Overeem,Barnett,Ricco)but doesnt?


I have this feeling too.

Hopefully its just the burrito I ate last night.

As a fan of both, I'm just happy they're fighting again.

Randy is a master of greatness

Vitor is hungray for revenge and redemption

Its gonna be a war to remember!!!

I have the same feeling too. If it does happen I'm kinda glad its Vitor, I think he may have the character to be a very good champion.

Id much rather Vitor than Tito...

On the way to the light heavyweight`s belt of the Ultimate Fighting Championship 46, that happens on January 31, the challenger Vítor Belfort received a special gift at new years eve. Pride heavyweight`s champion Rodrigo Nogueira Minotauro was working out at the same gym that Belfort trains and decided to do a single training with the Randy Couture`s opponent. 'Vítor is well prepared and he is ready to ruin Couture`s party. I believe he is gonna kick some ass', revealed Nogueira.

This was reported above by Tatame.

I think that Vitor's focus is there, and his focus and heart are the only things that the Randy fans had to cling to when defending Randy's chances.

This is going to be a great fight. I can't wait.

I dont understand why hes doing seminars so close to such a big fight

Randy will win. No upset. Vitor is training really hard - while having a wedding?!? lol

The wedding does not have to be a negative thing. sometimes things like that can fuel your fire to becoming the man you wanna be.

I just meditated on this, and Randy Couture will win.

Randy is one guy you never worry about being in shape.

Vitor's gonna find that out.

Besides, even if Vitor's head is together, it's still Vitor's head.

I'm worried about the fight too, but not b/c of lack of preparation. I think it's just Randy being the favorite that doesn't bode well. He hasn't won a fight as a favorite since his fights with Rizzo, I think.

I have the same feeling. I dont think Vitor is 75 percent the fighter Randy is. But Vitor may end his reign

I hope people remember all of this should Couture notch his third successive win over a credible opponent, and not take away from him by claiming that Belfort flaked out, wasn't ready, injured, etc.

That Pic of Couture on MMAweekly is from the Tito Fight..

I'll never bet against Randy, but w/that said I don't think he'll run over Vitor by any means. It's gonna be an awesome fight.

i think vitor has more natural fighting talent, but can he keep his head together???

Vitor, just like Tito and Chuck, will never have enough time to prepare and overcome Randy's Greco clinch and takedown skills. Only someone much larger will be able to beat Randy these days, since I dont think he'll be caught in a quick submission anymore.

I have a bad feeling about this fight too- I like Vitor, but Randy will smash him.

Well i sure hope he takes it.
This will be a great year for MMA,the storylines gets deeper and deeper and we will see some great fights, (maybe even some new faces :))

Vitor will need to knock Randy out quickly at the start. If he doesn't do this, Randy will grind him done just like he did the first time around. Randy is the master of using the clinch and this is exactly what he will do. He'll score some takedowns, he'll ground and pound, and ultimately Vitor will fold.

BUT, Randy is going to have to be real careful in the early going. Vitor looked much more aggressive against Eastman and will definitely bring the house early on. If Randy survives the early fury, and I think he will, then its his fight to win.