Bad knee pain.. Help

Knee pain is unbearable when I fully extend the right leg where heal is on ground.. When I'm walking on tip toes no pain... I know. See a Dr. I doy have any insurance for 90 days.. I just started a new job. Any thoughts.

*don't have..... Before this pain tonight I've had some soreness in my patells area. Also when walking it seemed the right leg was longer, like it was hyper extended or something. Then tonight out the blue severe pain standing there

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Without going to the doctors if I was you I would. Stretch my calfs hamstrings lower back. Ice and heat wrap tightly before work. Take time away from the gym, do light movement stuff that can be done at home. Phone Post 3.0

Could be kneemonia Phone Post 3.0

No. New job is accounting crap.. I've worked a pt job delivering pizzas for a yr since my divorce. Noticed it at the end of my shift just standing there. I've not deadlifted since the sore patella about 5 weeks ago.. I did deads today first time but only 225. So pissed. Doesn't sound like ACL according to Google

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Get a foam roller and work on it band and quads. May not be cause of your issues but will easy some of the tension. google that and you'll find tons of videos and articles on IT bands

Could be Lupus.