Bad Movie Idea I Have

Here's mine:

My bad idea is yet to be named.

A former private investigator who had a case go bad gets out of jail after 3 years (crime to be determined) and the only work he can find is a night shift at a factory. He's no longer with his wife but together they have a special needs child who needs someone available at all times during his school day in case there's an emergency. The wife is hesitant to let the husband back in the child's life but figures a small step can be to let him be the emergency contact during the day. The husband is super excited about this. This means being available to answer the phone all day even though he's exhausted from his night shift and getting reacclimated to society. Doesn't matter. He'll do whatever it takes.

Plot Twist: Telemarketers get his info and start calling him from different numbers. After trying to explain his situation eventually he freaks out on this bastards and they get together and decide to screw with him by calling him all day every day. It's relentless harassment. It never stops.

Eventually he goes crazy from sleep deprivation and rage and decides to make it his mission to find out where these guys work. Due to his private investigation skills he's able to locate the call center and makes plans to take his revenge. Conveniently this call center is only 3 hours from his house.

That's as far as I've gotten but I do know at the end as he's being arrested again the camera will pan to his cell phone as he's missing an emergency call from his child's school.

No way Netflix can pass on this.

This sounds horrific



Pitch it to Disney.

I mean, they made The Last Jedi