Bad news in the morning..

Woke up this morning and turned on the TV for news...

the first words that were spoken: " American president George W. Bush was re-elected for his second four-year term..." - man was my mood ruined for the morning...I have to heal myself with some BJJ in the evening!

My sincerest compassion to all of you living in the US and to the whole world..


(For those of you who think you can´t joke over politics...well, try not to take life too seriously :)

No offense, Indrek, but this type of stuff we discuss on the OG. You should visit the place, but be warned, that's where all the deviants and delinquents are!!

Good luck!!

JKDFighter is the leader of these so-called deviants and delinquents. He is a legend on the OG. His trusty sidekick Aus isn't far behind, so be warned.

Two, there always are.

LOL!! I think it's the other way around IMO!!

JKDFIGHTER drives our short bus. I sit in the back doing my homework and polishing my apple and banana for the teacher, Ms. Guerra.

hey you who calling deliquent?

Fernando is one of the most patient people I have ever met. He should hate me.

mr hopkins would be a welcome addition to the OG


"WTF?? Pics???" Learn this phrase well for the OG!

That and "Hi KKM."

"Give them hope that they might dream a better world."

-Will Do.

Mark Manning
High School Chemistry and Physics Teacher
Ewing, New Jersey