Bad Ping on WOW since Patch?

I had to do a fresh install and since then my times have got really bad. My Latency was 1000+ last night.

I looked online and it seems some ppl have being getting problems since the Mini-patch on the 29th. Any one getting hassle , I know Tenebrae said he did.

Mine wasn't quite as high as yours but yeah, it was higher than usual like I said last night.

mine's fine

I was at a steady 1250+ ping last night from running off my aircard. It sucked a little but wasnt much worse than my old DSL connection.

Road Runner needs to hurry the fuck up and connect that shit to the house.

You still in the triangle Q?

I have roadrunner and I have no complaints. Pings in the high 80's to low 100's on wow, which isnt bad from a west coast server imo.

Trust what server u on?

Yeah, it's been pretty bad the last couple of weeks. Lots of random dcs, lag, logging in and having icons missing.. They've done some patches outside the normal time so there must be something going wrong.

I seem ok now.

Yeah DB, just moved to a new development that didnt have cable or DSL yet.

They have been running cable up the street for the last week, so I hope to get it mid month.

I'm ready for them to get it installed so I can finally have a decent ping. I've been crippled with some bullshit broadband for the last 8 years. All but stopped multi fps because of it.

Aircard's not bad btw, but I'm still sitting at about 1000ms adv.