Badbreed link to Arnolds?

Cooper announced that the Arnolds would be web cast on this Saturday 3-13-04.

I can not seem to find it on their site or the link that was supposed to be on

Anyone got any info on this or "comments"



Sorry for the delay. Bad Breed is always on the road or busy. Currenty working a training and mini documentary on Jorge Gurgel and Rich Franklin, then ICE tomorrow in CINN, Cage Warriors on Saturday in Columbus, and Extreme Challenge in Minneapolis the next Friday. The sport keeps us busy. If you need specific questions answered faster feel free to email or call me:

Bad Breed (John or Rachel Pack)

Go to or

What time is the webcast, all day?

How does this thing work?
With MICROSOFT MEDIA PLAYER (must be Windows 98 or better). It will stream based on your network speed (dialup, DSL or Cable). Users with DSL and Cable will be able to watch it like watching TV at full screen. It can be viewed 5 times and can be reviewed by anyone at anytime for the next 30 days.

Who do I pay?!
Dataflix ( using PAYPAL.COM.