Baddest, non threatening fighter ever?




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Say what??? LOL

Korean Superboy Doo Ho Choi may be the most non threatening looking fighter of all time.

Henry Cejudo



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Ryan Hall in recent times

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Remember McLovin?

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My vegan ex looked like Lisa Loeb and we were at a party at a boxing gym where everyone was casually doing some exhibition fights kinda built drunkenly on the spot except for the two scheduled fights. Almost no one there at the party were trained at all. She fought her lesbian sister who had been to prison a bunch of times and was considered a badass and lisa loeb ex just completely mopped the floor with her. Like a month before this I had broken up a fight between them while her sister was on cocaine and thought the prison sister was going to destroy her and was against them fighting. Turns out Jameson fueled anger trumps anything in a sibling rivalry. Also another one of my exes pummeled a dude too. Good times. I wish those vids were still up on youtube. I was hammered in the corner with my shirt unbuttoned for some reason looking sloppy as hell holding a mixed beverage and yelling.

Matt Hamill and Forest Griffin

Keith wisniewski(?)

Edit–now I’m not sure I have the right guy. Thinking of a skinny, non threatening looking white dude from the old hook n shoot and/or iron heart crown shows…tough dude though for sure

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I can’t find one where he looks like I thought he did

Surprised it took so long for him to pop up. It’s not just his body, it’s his body in comparison to his skills. One of the baddest dudes on the planet on the ground, KO power, a gas tank for days, and a granite chin. Yet, you would expect him to be a truck driver that barely walks 500 steps a day.

Honestly Joe lauzon. You call him bat boy and he kicks your teeth out of your head.