Bader: I want to be a part of Tito's legacy ...

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                                Bader: I want to be a part of Tito's legacy ...

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                    <p>Ryan 'Darth' Bader won TUF&nbsp;8 and then won his way throuugh the ranks before running into Jon Jones at UFC 126, in a match up that would have earned him a title shot if he won it. But Bader lost by Guillotine at 4:20 of the second round, so he is back to one of the Earth's toughest grinds - winning your way to a title shot in the UFC. First challenge, Tito Ortiz, set for UFC 132 on July 2.</p>

“After the fight, honestly, it sucked,” Bader told MMAWeekly Radio’s Weekend Edition about the second-round submission loss. “For a week straight, I kept on thinking about what I could have done and what I should have done and all that and it eats at you.”

“To see (Jones) go on and destroy Shogun like he did… I wanted to see him be successful, obviously, because I have a loss to him. He went in there and pummeled a guy that many believe is one of the best fighters in the UFC.”

“I want to go out there and put on a great show and just erase the (Jones) fight from everyone’s memory. I wanted to fight one of those guys like Couture or Chuck Liddell or Tito because I’m an MMA fan.”

“(Tito) is still tough, people don’t give him enough credit. He hasn’t won for a while, but he’s been losing very, very close fights and there are no gimmees in this sport. So I’m training hard for him and I’m excited to fight a guy like Tito.”

“Although it’s a step down in competition from Jon Jones and (Antonio Rogerio) Nogueira, I got a chance fight a guy like Tito, a legend of the sport, and we took it. It’s almost like a novelty fight for me going in there and (fighting) a guy I grew up watching. I’m a fan and a fighter. I want to be a part of his legacy and vice versa. I want to have Tito Ortiz in my win column.”

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Bader is Tito 2.0

Does he mean like everyone else... Phone Post

Lol at Bader wanting to fight Tito. Figured he can get a easy win and think he's still relevant. Fight another contender or somethin. Phone Post

idk, i think tito got a chance in this fight, if he can stop bader's takedowns

My favorite Bader fight - him losing EASILY to Jon Jones.

Congrats Bader!

Bader: I want to be a part of Tito's legacy ...

epwar - Congrats Bader!

Bader: I want to be a part of Tito's legacy ...


Mission successful and LOL @ all the people who didn't even give Tito a shot in this thread.