bader vs. perosh...can an og'r post the fight?

just saw the fight late night rerun. can someone post a youtube of this yet?

alot of perosh guard work seemed to work.....but his 1/2 guard work fell apart....(but i fell asleep at 2am when it was on.) want to rewatch. was perosh playing a deep 1/2 guard? and not an mma 1/2 guard?

i know he got dropped and then bader destroyed him from top turtle.

and i want to watch bader and what he did to pass guard....

basically want to study this for awhile....thanks guys.

Bader had him pinned against the cage in perosh's half guard and was hitting him pretty hard for a bit. Phone Post 3.0

i did not see this fight.

trying to load fight with perosh vs. penner. wont load. any help.