Yooooo Lombard looks like he is wearing a diaperrrrrr....He just tore Palhares up too...sheesh

haha gluteus are insane!

Beep Phone Post

hahaha ya i know...a little bit funny for me to say but i remember Rogan once said this about Tyson Griffin in an event...Had to play Joe Rogan for a moment :)

Lombard looked awesome! He had that whole crowd behind him too.


"Tyson Griffin has some huge legs. That's some serious squat power. If Tyson was a girl you would say she has a Badonkadonk."- Joe Rogan

I remember a thread about Tyson Griffin cutting to 145 and a UG'er commented in it saying "Can Tyson Griffin's ass make 145?"

I think I pee'd myself. :( Phone Post

hahahaha well hes been gone for a while now...i dont know where he went