Bag Gloves!

I'm looking at buying a new pair of moderately cheap bag gloves. I've got some Ringside Super Bag Gloves now but want to lean away from the bigger gloves and am looking at a more traditional design, thumbless.

Here are a few pairs im thinking about to give you ideas. I'd love to hear what you guys rock in the gym, what your opinion on the glove style is, from super, to traditional, and even new, MMA oriented gel glvoes.

Thanks to for all the images, links, and great service.

Ultimate Classic Bag Gloves

These are actually the gloves that made me start to like the style a lot more than my heavy supers, and although rough around the edges and torn up, i was glad to find these used and abused in the corner of a boxing gym i went to before it closed. Fitty dollars.

Adistar Pro Bag Gloves

Although i don't particularly care about the aesthetics, these gloves arn't too flashy but look pretty fucking sweet in my opinion. The price is phenomenal on these (35$!) But i've never used ANY addidas boxing gear.

Now for two other styles i might give a shot -

Fairtex Muay Thai Bag Gloves

Gel Shock™ Thunder Bag Glove

I have had the Gel Shock Thunder Bag Gloves for years.

I love them but not because of their intended purpose. They are not bag gloves. Not enough padding, not enough wrist support.

I'd suggest getting a razor blade and cut the bar out of the palm. Then you would have a nice pair of 7oz grappling sparring gloves.

Good to know, definitely not what im looking for then! My wrists have been pretty bad, i actually busted my right wrist during my first ammy mma fight and have been meaning to try and take special care of it now that i'm out of school and training all day again.

The fairtex gloves are really starting to drag me in. The price isn't bad at all at 45$.

I love my Fairtex MMA gloves, so I'd assume their bag gloves are great. I also love Twins Thai gloves.

If you have money to blow Winning has some really soft gloves and Hayabusa has great stuff too.

Can't go wrong with those Fairtex ones, but I dig those addidas bag gloves. Something new and different.

Let us know what gloves you go with and how you like them!


The Fairtex thumbless bag gloves are great!