Bagram anyone?

I should be there in a few days.

I will be there sometime this week If I can ever get out of Ali Al Salem..........

Goodluck Miguelito! I do not know anybody out there at this time, but be safe! I'm sure you'll find some people out there, just ask for the guys who "Trane UFC," a.k.a Mamavicho jiujitsu, lol!!!!
But I'm sure you'll find some Army combatives guys out there. I heard they have tournaments out there on some bases. I'm sure your purple belt is equal to Level 1, and possibly level 2 (j/k). I'm sure you'll find something out there. Good luck braddah!!!

 I'm in Manas right now, about to board the plane for Bagram... Ill be there for a few days... Where could one find you?

I'll try to get a hold of Miguel on facebook and let him know you posted.

there is a Bagram MMA School there... if you ask around you ca find it. Many people go there from black belts to novice, gi and no gi!!