Bakin' Bacon

Anyone here bake their breakfast bacon, instead of fry it? My dad has been telling me about it for years. I just tried it for the first time, and it really works well. You can cook bigger batches, and it comes out flat.

Sho' nuff!  Frees up stove space, no wiping splattered grease off the ceiling.

I put mine up on a rack on the cookie sheet so that it gets crispy as a cracker. 

Hmm, good idea. WHat temp/how long?

I do 400 degrees and start with a cold oven.  Don't know why, just was the way I was told, maybe it doesn't curl as much?  Anyway, it takes around 15-20 minutes. 

I did 18 minutes in a preheated 350 oven, on a flat cookie sheet.

I've heard others recommend C-dub's way. I was going to do it that way, but ended up noticing that there were baking directions on the package. I just followed them.

My primary method. Nothing needs to be turned over, no splatter. I use a rimmed baking sheet lined with enough aluminum foil to accommodate the number of strips I'm cooking. Turn the foil up a quarter inch or so along the entire length of the edge so no grease can escape and clean up consists of pouring off the grease and tossing the foil.

The rack on the baking sheet is something I might incorporate.

I've been cooking bacon in my old hand-me-down cast iron pan in order to season the cooking surface as the rest of the pan has a decent season on it. Should I use the regular oven/shortening seasoning methods or can it be done through cooking?

Well if it's got enough start to cook your bacon then you can just keep on keepin' on with that.  The shortening/oven method is more a requirement for new pans and more a perk on old ones.  Shortening is used because I guess technically it's cleaner and makes seasoning a bit easier but bacon grease is old school.  If your pan is already old school I say keep doing that. 

There's instructions on the package?  I'll be damned.  I've never tried different either so have no idea if one is better than the other. 

Using a rack just lets the grease drip off.  If you like your bacon extra crispy like I do then it does that without having to completely burn it.  If you like it a bit chewier then down on the sheet is better. 

bottom rack on 375, preheated, usually takes 20 minutes.

There is no better way to do it.

I was working in arestraunt when I saw this gem. Honestly it was one of the most brilliant things I had seen upt to that point in my life.

if you want to get crazy, dredge bacon in a little flour before you bake it.

mmmm bacon

I tried this a few weeks ago. It's a keeper, though clean-up is more difficult than simply pouring the grease out of my cast-iron skillet, wiping it with a paper towel, and putting it back on the lowest rack in my oven.

Tried it this morning... 15 minutes @ 400. I'm going to let it go longer next time. The package said 9-12 minutes, but I pulled it out because the other food was done.

What does dredging in flour do... form a light crust?
Might try that tomorrow.

Thanks... Kev

Just found this while searching "dredging bacon in flour"...

It's a comparison of microwaving vs pan frying vs broiling.

it's just a little different. i'm shitfaced right now. try it in the morning.. you'll like it,

we used to deep fry it at a restaurant i managed

btw... baked w/ flour = good