Ballistic Micro Fight Certifcation

On March 5-7 we are holding a BMF certificaiton.

What's a BMF?

In short: The Science, psychology and safety elements behind
Role-playing for self-defense and scenario based drills.

All simulation training should be created to effect one goal: greater
confidence during real life dynamic confrontations.

The key is in using the replication formula. The Ballistic Micro-Fight
program is the only scientific method to simultaneously create combat
conditioning, skill development as well as improve decision-making
skill under stress of fear, fatigue and force.

Why is it unique?

Not only does it blend the contact, the impact, the includes the verbal, we analyze real street footage, we
discuss the legal, the post fight, pre-contact cues, we work the
scnarios with different time-line effects as well as different emotion
stressors that will effect performance in a real situation.

The BMF METHODOLOGY emphasizes ISOLATION principles and
TACTICAL confidence. The research includes elements related to
TRAINING & PERFORMANCE. Scenario-based training is an EMERGING
TREND. The BMF System offers both, strategies for performance
improvement and innovative approaches to trainers.

We have 16 instructors signed for the next course. For those looking
for this type of training, please read the description:


Scenario based training is the only way to evaluate & pre-test your
training and the capabilities of the people you train.

Effective and researched simulation course can also protect your
vicarious liability concerns!

If you work with any type of force-one force with or without simulation
gear or are planning to, this is a must attend course.

This course is about how to safely and intelligently design force-on-
force evolutions, how ti analyze critical incident and replication real life
attacks so that you're creating a mental blueprint which if done
effectively represents a 'syntheitc' experience. This will improve the
tactical confidence of your students.

The course is also about educating role-players, the forgotten and
missing link to intelligent simulations.

We have been providing simulation training since 1982, thats over 20
years of R & D and real time experience. Our insights allowed us to
design the first lightweight, mobility suit (HIGH GEAR) for the LEO &
military markets as well as for progressive self-defense & MMA
schools. Our innovative HIGH GEAR Impact Reduction gear is used to
take the contact, intensity and agression to the most dangerous safe
level :-)

Our methodology and training techniques are now incorporated into
the highest-level training by the most progressive trainers around. If
you are involved with any type of simulation program, getting to this
course should be a priority.

Please contact Marc Joseph for information on
our courses.

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Train hard & stay safe,