This guy has them.

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No thanks…

As someone who has worked aloft and in a JLG, you just have to tell yourself it's only the last 15 feet that kill you. 

After he trims the tree, the weight of that end will be reduced, the tree will spring back and he will get flipped about 1/2 mile.


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Not just to hold on while the tree is swinging but with running chainsaw you don't want to drop. I don't think OSHA approves. Either way, great job! 

There’s gotta be a better way 

holy fuck


Brains he doesn't

No reason he couldnt have felled that tree from the ground. If he dies, he dies. One less idiot to spread the retard genome to others. 

I'm a proficient climber. I've done my fair share in a professional capacity. 

Even if I was secured firmly with a fall arrest device like a Bucksqueeze, I'd still be shitting my pants trying that.

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Wtf, who does that shit? Imagine that palm snaps while it's pinging back and forth. 


Looks like fun