Baltimore BJJ for law enforcement?

Hi guys,

My brother in law is looking for some training in the Baltimore area to help prepare himself for a career in law enforcement. Anyone know of any good grappling/self defense programs in the area directed towards LEOs that I could tell him to check out?

Skill wise, he's got wrestling skills and was a college linebacker - but he would be starting fresh on submissions, self defense and everything else.


Loyd Irvin maybe?

John Rallo is in Baltimore, he's a Renzo Gracie Purple Belt & pro MMA fighter as well as NAGA Heavy weight superfight champion. The website is

If your brother feel like in drive 25-30 min we definley can make him ready and after he become a police we definley can bring him into the real LawEnforcement training.

Here is a small statement from a Narc SGT from Baltimore City Police.

I want to live do you? Maguilla's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Me
My name is xxxxxx. I am a Sergeant in the Baltimore City Police Department. After serving 2 years as a narcotics detective, in one of the most successful drug squads in the city, I was promoted to Sergeant. I have dealt with some of the most violent criminals throughout our city. I know what it is to hit a door with a ram, run up the steps, and then have to roll around on the bathroom floor while the suspect tries to flush thousands of dollars worth of dope down the toilet. I am a current student under Roberto "Maguilla" Marques and I encourage any law enforcement officer thinking on the next level of survival to consider the following. Recently , while an officer was making an arrest, I watched the crowd to ensure nothing was thrown. I saw one guy say to another, "He's gonna twist his hand and push his elbow now." He quickly grabbed another guy's arm and duplicated what the officer was doing. It hit home immediately! In a tough neighborhood with plenty of drugs and guns there will be plenty of arrests. This means that the criminals not being locked up are watching. They see our techniques and remember them. So, when the day comes to arrest the guy who has been watching you, he knows what comes after step one. He's either going to comply or resist and fight. If I come into this situation with somebody who knows my departmental techniques, I need a back-up plan. I believe that Maguilla is teaching me that back-up plan. In my experience, one on one with a suspect used to mean a dirty shirt and a hole in my uniform pants while rolling on the ground. The guy is either striking or just trying to get away. Now, with Maguilla's training, if I hit the ground, even if one my back, I can control and opponent. If the guy wants to punch, then I can use the Vale Tudo techniques Maguilla teaches me. If your departmental training is failing you in a life or death situation, Maguilla's training could save your life. From handgun retention while at the same time subduing a suspect, to sports jiu-jitsu, all the way to full-blown Brazilian Vale Tudo, Maguilla is who I trust. This is my personal endorsement of Maguilla. You are never mistreated. Maguilla and his staff are patient and vigilant during all training sessions. I hope to see you in class soon. Please be safe and try to wait for back up whenever possible.

Sgt. xxxxxxxx (BCPD)
Student under Roberto "Maguilla" Marques

Take care and good lucky, just let your brother know be aware of develop good skills other wise the streets will eat him alive, I am responsible for many Lawenforcements Units in The Metro areas from Federal to locals and all I ca said is they trust my work other wise I was not going to be teaching for over 4 years to then and second we dont have time to BS and second chance, and good lucky with all others instructors because one things is teache BJJ,TKD,Boxing... for sport and the other is understand how to pass this skills to the streets so basic is if you never hit a door got in a fight fist or gun fight how can you teache that.

Later tell your brother good lucky


I live in Baltimore but drive to Camp Springs an hour one way to train with Lloyd Irvin. Well worth the drive. Six years and counting....

Maguilla has a lot of experience training law enforcement.

Maguilla was a "chota" back in the day in Brasil and trains police and marines, He is a total class act and funny as hell.