Baltimore police arrest ‘good guy with the gun’ who stopped armed attacker

Correct its an opinion that you shouldn’t act suprised. But if you carry in a place that doesn’t allow it, youd be an idiot to be surprised you got in trouble. So yeah, opinion. Feel better?

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This isn’t about should you be able to carry everywhere man, seperate topic. Nobody is disagring here.

Its the same as saying dont be suprised if you speed and get pulled over. Im not sure how we aren’t connecting on this.

I’m not going to judge whether victims should or should not be surprised when government official stomp on their God given rights.

Why do you care so much to white knight for the guy who made the dumb post?

Why can’t you admit you’re wrong?

Those are great questions to bring up with your therapist on your next visit. I’m bored of this argument, so I’m bailing. You’ll have to find another dumb post to defend for no reason.

Good ol Botswaltimore

Lol. Later dude.


Now that I get paid for jury duty, I would be thrilled to sit on the jury for a NJ gun case.

This guy made a mistake disclosing that he had a weapon. If you didn’t draw it, there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to know about it.

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Im wrong. If you are caught breaking a law of a particular area, you should in fact be shocked you are punished for it.

Again, dont be an emotinal woman about if you agree with said law or you find it unconstitutional, seperate topic, but if you are shocked you break a law of an area and they try to punish you, you are an absolute moron.

But yes, im wrong. Feel better princess.

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No idea whats going because i started at the end, but i saw a ragequit

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Are you taking Nyquil again?

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Just one of my roasts is all. I had already started it.

Im sorry

This is not accurate.

A sign does not mean you cannot carry, they can ask you to leave but you can carry pretty much ANYWHERE. EXCEPT government buildings (unless you have permission from the authority of the building), and a few others but they’re very limited. Also FUCK ANY GUN FREE ZONES. Many people I know carry EVERYWHERE, unless there’s a metal detector. You should too, why allow yourself to be a victim?

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if u take away a bad guys gun, do u get arrested for having a gun in a public building?

I wondered the same thing when I read it. I read it twice. But it beats the .45 in the truck!

True. But it’s not like a .22 M9 is any easier to conceal than a .9mm M9. Doesn’t make sense.

Well in a few years when he’s famous for a couple court cases with his name in it, hopefully someone asks him.