Bam! First to post to TSGIGOR's fb page.

TSGIGOR, thanks man for adding me up. You are a good man and a true asset to the ug. Great pics on your facebook page.

 Thank you! :))))))

Friend added!

Igor has a facebook page?? The world will never be the same.

 Thank You! :))

another aussie mate if you want one! thanks for the nice posts

Friend request sent Igor!!!

Forum members like TSGIGOR is what makes this forum great!
Thanks for all your great post and info!

Igor is the best!!!!

request sent:)

request sent igor!

 Request sent!

Wonders if Igor would be my neighbor in roller coaster kingdom

ttt  Thanks for the add Igor. 

Request sent.

Igor is the man!

Heddy - 

Igor is the man!


TTT for Igor!

request sent!

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