BAN Judo Throws b4 too late!

Some Judo throws - especially against an opponent not accustomed to being thrown - can result in a person landing directly on the top of their head and breaking their neck. This is far more dangerous than many of the moves already illegal on the basis of being too dangerous. As Dana would say "throwing someone on their head is NOT MMA" and it's time we move to ban throws before someone dies and MMA gets banned in the USA forever.

Who's with me?

shut the hell up.

"shut the hell up."


Woo hoo thanks man! We're gonna ban every move that could result in injury and get MMA to the #1 most popular sport in the world!

I think Dana's take on the rules regarding the legality of moves (wants knees), no soccer kicks and stomps is on the money. 

No argument from me. 

Finally somebody who gets it! I'm sick and tired of staying up all night thinking about potential injuries. I want MMA AND peace of mind, is that too much to ask?

I also want to ban punching to the eyes and temples. Both these spots are just asking for trouble and there's no reason anybody with any amount of skill should be punching someone there anyways. ZUFFA HEAR MY WORDS!

Ya Crane kicks have to go that's a no brainer - if your feet leave the floor need I say more?. I've mulled it over and I've decided takedowns are altogether too dangerous. The solution is a coin toss the winner gets to pick his starting position of being in his opponent's guard or having guard himself.

ban it now before it's too late..

Make weight (but weigh ins should happen immediately before fights to lower the risk of dehydration from weight cutting) and flip the coin. Game over. I like it.

Gotta get rid of the elbows, those pride sissy boys don't want them and if we're going to get absolutely everyone watching then we must cater to everyone. I see the day coming when MMA offends not a single man woman or child, and it's a good day.

PLUS!!!! When MMA rules are safe as hell think about all the DREAM matches we will get! Rogan vs. Snipes, Van Damme vs. Jet Li, Jackie Chan vs. Chuck Norris!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ZUFFA!!!!!

Plus they could take his sweat/tears/semen and include it in xyience supplements for added umph.

Shut up and learn to be a good Uke.

Have you ever stopped to think that the person who gets thrown should blame only themself.

ok. now having read all of the posts above.

i totally agree.

all these rule changes should be in PrideFC only though.

"Have you ever stopped to think that the person who gets thrown should blame only themself."

That's about as stupid as saying that someone who gets stomped on the head is to blame!

This thread lacks Judo

not only are they dangerous but rather lame and boring to watch imo...peace, jt


judo throws are fine, and there already is a says 'no spiking fighters on their heads'...thats good enough

Judo is what they make bagels out of....