Ban PR?

So.... I propose we ban PR so the Canucks can make the playoffs.

Well it looks now and there is alot of hockey left that 4 teams are going for the last two spots.

Flames, Nucks, Preds, Hawks being that they are playing the best now despite their injuries.


I'm definitely not posting in that fking thread anymore thats for goddamn sure. :(

Oh, by the way I have a $1,000 bet on the Canucks winning more than 43 games this year. :( :( Need 12 out of the last 16.

lol now do me a favour and start rooting for & betting on the flames.

PR maybe you should post on the Vanucks rolling thread...

Heh, never again!

Colorado will take over the division from Minnesota. At this point there is NO team in the NHL that wants to see Colorado in the playoffs with the additions of Foote, Salei, and Forsberg.


lol @ the thought of the Canucks making the playoffs, PR or not.


Yeah it's not like they called up ...... Darren McCarty!

lol @ McCarty

That being said, I still support banning PR. I don't need a reason.


I banned myself for 13 minutes earlier today. It's good to be back!

4 straight losses.