BAN! TrainJudo insults fallen soldiers

Train Judo has gone to far with his thread "So, Our Military Thinks BJJ is wise?" Just read the first page or two and you will be convinced that he has went to far. It's one thing to agree with our military but its another to dis-respect the ones who have died in combat. Please ttt for Ban. I know I'm up against alot here because he has alot of supporters but you must think of the soldiers on this forum whom have experienced war, lost men in war, was injured in war, and the families of fallen soldiers. I can't believe he is not gone yet but read the thread and you be the judge. I'm pissed because I just got home from aa fallen soldiers memorial when i came home to read this thread.

All I know is, it.....


 dude, all he has is a gym and a spare room in the back of the gym to which he eats, sleeps and jacks to while on the computer trolling here.

if he was banned he'd be back in jail again. the UG is all he's got. look at his hungry at 3am thread where he has to walk a mile in the snow just to get frozen burritos.

 q is hella cool

Maybe thats where he needs to be

q is hella cool

Like i said i know i'm up against alot here but you dont think he went to far with the "So, Our Military Thinks BJJ is wise?" thread.

there's 1

 I feel like dancing!!!!

Suck My Motherfucking Dick - DJ Venom

This is not the MMA community that it used to be, get this guy outta here, let him post his political views on other places, here is MMA. This guy ruins this site

 noticed how he found this thread just minutes after its conception? its all he's got. poor guy. must be in awesome fighting shape with that gas station menu he has to grub on all day.