Ban vs Warnings?

Who deceides when its a ban or when its just a warning?

I would like to get a blue name, but im pretty wary about getting banned and losing my money.

I've never had a warning, or caused any shit. But i got banned once.

I asked a question about buying (legitimate) furey or cecchine tapes , i put my email in the thread in case anyone wanted to comment privately, as ive seen plenty of flame wars regarding these two guys.

Next time i logged in, i got a message saying dont come back.

I emailed Kirik and he explained that you cant put any contact details in a thread about events/instructionals. I explained my side and he reinstated me.

But i have since seen several people include email addresses in tape threads, without problem.

So who actually deceides something is ban worthy?

Wouldnt it be better to have a 3 strikes your out system or something like that?