Band/artist you’ve never seen but better see soon

Due to their age or situation . My music threads seem to go in bunches when I make them sorry

Kicking myself for never seeing Fleetwood Mac. Now I’ll never see full version or Stevie plus Lindsey.

Even though Daryl and John look awesome for their age, I realize that hourglass is near the end and I’m making it a priority this year to see them. I’m almost……. Out of time

I had a chance to see King Crimson last year but didn’t end up making the drive. That was probably the last chance.

I still write to the singer of lostphrophets and hoping for a reunion

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Paul McCartney and George Strait are at the top for me. Petty was on there too but I never got the chance. I’m preying Paul does another tour sometime

Dang Gritty, killing it with the music content threads today.

John Prine is my absolute favorite artist. I saw him in New Years Eve of 2020, 2nd row at the Opry. He was dead 4 months later. Go do it if you have the time.

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Should be Motley Crue, but vince is too far gone.

At 44 I’ve aged out of concerts. Zero interest in being in a large crowd ever again. I’ll just watch on YouTube



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I’m seeing Drive By Truckers in March.


Good one on Daryl and John. Id like to check that shit out.

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You should look for bands on the way up or bands on the way out playing in small venues like theaters that have been turned into bars.

Great way to see good live bands in small crowds.

I’ve seen ‘X’, Iggy Pop, Viagra Boys, Sleaford Mods, Adrian Belew, REM, Violent Femmes, Hank III and a few others in small bar venues.

Don’t ridicule me but have seen FM 3x - after the second said couldn’t justify seeing them again for the price and then they toured with Christine M again… Nuff said. Wicked good show all performers would highly suggest if Lindsey returns to the band to go see them before anyone else passes away.

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Saw them twice but post Jason isbell

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Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming through here next year. I know tickets are going to be retarded expensive, but I’ve always wanted to see them


Remember your.boy thrill when that one comes through

Glad I saw Fleetwood Mac at the Classic West show in LA. Lindsay was on fire.

Billy Joel


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Aerosmith maybe?