Band Saws- tell me everything

Who has one? What brand/size? What do you love/hate about it? I’m talking standup, not cordless handheld.

I’m thinking about grabbing one. Undecided. I don’t really ‘need’ it, but it would make one task I have a lot easier. I have other ways to cut stuff, but thin kerf, small bits just seem like they would be a ton easier. I haven’t used one since IA classes in school.



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My dad cut a finger off with one a few years ago.

Pics of your “dads” gash?

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It’s the only saw with a blade thin enough to cut off your penis.


They can be dangerous like any saw, careful bub

Milwaukee cordless. End of story. Cost 100 more but will last forever. Just buy the right blade and maintain it. Every job involving pipe fitters I’ve been on use them.

Second had old school machine. Build to last forever.

Not what I’m after, but hear good things about that handheld

But how do I get my penis to reach the blade- there’s at least 3" of table in the way!


You’re gonna need another band saw…

There’s a time and a place for cordless/battery tools. Corded are generally more powerful and less expensive. Probably last longer as well.

I have several and I love them. I use my 13” the most.

If you get one, read up on proper bearing (guide/thrust) setup and maint. It makes all the difference.

Yeah- been reading a bit. I keep getting stuck on depth of cut. I like the idea of being able to resaw 8" with a 14" saw, but probably don’t need to spend that much.
I’d spend up to One thousand loonie$, but figure my needs could probably be met with smaller I suppose.

Any brands I should avoid? What’s the min HP that is worth it? I can’t imagine the 1/2hp ones have much in em… not really sure.

If I’m gonna do it, this is the week to do it lol.

I like this store a lot- if you’re Canadian and know them- you’ll probably agree! They tend to test the stuff they sell.

Didn’t expect to see bandsaws on their site. This is only 1/2hp, so not sure if I should avoid, or this is the range I should look at.

Will post the step up after. This one is $650shamolies

RIP fingertips

This one is $1800 loonies!!

Watching YouTube videos they seem to ubiquitous in America, but knowing other woodworkers here in the UK I think they’re pretty rare. My take on it is that there’s little/nothing you need them for, they just make cutting curves a little quicker in exchange for needing a lot of space and money. If you have plenty of the latter going spare then knock yourself out.

I’m not a woodworker- I just hobby about. I see it as an awesome way to make precision straight line cuts, modest curves, etc.

My alternative would be a cordless jigsaw, sazall, or handsaw- egahds!’

Should spend 500 twonies instead. Because 500 is less than 1000.

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