bandwagon, fanboys, newbs etc

Let's break down these terms one at a time okay?

Newbs: I supposed all the arrogant "old timers" (and yes I've seen 'em all since UFC I) were born MMA fans? Give me a break, we all got into this as "newbs" once upon a time, so let's get off our high horses shall we? Being a better fan is like saying "my lazy boy has a deeper grove in the ass then yours does", it means nothing.

Bandwagon: The whole point of sports is to find someone you associate with on some level and root for them. That's what makes sport compelling. This is an opinion and as such is irrefutable. You can't argue an opinion, it's pointless.

Fanboy: This is in reference to the Pride vs. UFC nonsense that people seem to love in here. I like MMA period, Pride, UFC, KOC, hook n shoot what ever. Again we're talking opinions here, it's a pointless argument, but if you honestly feel the need to "be right" in your opinion vs. someone elses then continue to waste your energy in these debates. I honestly don't understand how someone who claims to be an MMA fan can pick one or the other promotion. It's all MMA people, so just enjoy it.

Over Rated: This has to be the most confusing thing to me that I hear discussed in here. If a guy made it to the big show, UFC/Pride whatever then they're good, period. Listening to people make comments like BJ Penn/Tito Ortiz etc SUCKS only shows their ignorance or overzealousness.

Sucks (as in he sucks): Go to any smaller promotion like shooto/koc/hook n shoot and I guarantee you all those guys have one thing in common, they're tough as nails and are working to maximize their abilities. For me the intrigue and respect I have for sports in general is the persuit of excellence and the desire to demonstrate ones skills. The only "bad fighters" IMO are the ones who don't try. In a world where half the people could give two shits about doing a good job, sports is often the last bastion of people who push themselves to do their job to the best of their abilities, this is why I love MMA. Even the guys who get KO'd in the first 30 seconds of their debuts and are never heard from again have my respect. The worked hard, made it to the show and just came up short.


I know that I'm a newb to this board, but I'll gladly buy a membership if you ban this guy.


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I don't care for labels.

I'm surprised to see this thread still going... hasn't anyone banned this idiot yet?

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I liked the thread, good stuff

Wow.. That very well may have been the most logical, eloquently stated post in the history of The Underground.

Are you sure you didn't accidentally stumble onto here thinking it was another forum, because your post made WAYYYYYYYY too much sense.

Thanks, I have my moments.

"Wow.. That very well may have been the most logical, eloquently stated post in the history of The Underground."