Bang a Homeless Crack Addict for $62,000

So the scenario is there is a disgusting old crack addict chick. She has been on meth, heroin and crack for 17 years. She is 49 now.

How she survived this long is a miracle.

She fucks 6 guys a day to get the money she needs for drugs.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Take her to a romantic dinner (dressed how she is, no shower).

  2. Confess your love to her and give her a big wet kiss at the Macaroni Grill (she’s practically toothless).

  3. Invite her over for a drink and talk about mundane topics for an hour.

  4. Make your move on her. If you can convince her to fuck you raw with no money involved or drugs, you win $62,000.

  5. If you made it past step 4 and bang her bareback in the ass, collect your money.


There’d be plenty of ways to convince her to fuck without money or drugs you fucking retard.


We are all dumber for reading that…


You have issues for even thinking of this, OP

Years ago we would do this type of thing to pass time at work. Our minds went into an abyss of sexual deviancy… Always trying to one up each other. Haha. One was to dress up as a tranny everyday for a year. Pick your kids up from school in a dress and lipstick each day…

gross saturday night live GIF by HULU

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I wouldn’t do it for $62,000 but give me $63,000 and I’m in!


theres a pretty hot recently homeless chick i see at the beach
i think i would
certainly for the $
i kinda wanna take her home, clean her up, and let her steal all my valuables



Can we have the real jinx back now.

Cause this dude is pathetic!

I thought I was bored at work, you sir, must be on a whole 'nother level of boredom to come up with this inane scenario

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